On average, organizations effectively use only 50% of their production capacity. Taurus Concepts helps companies to increase their production capacity by streamlining their business processes.

Our approach results in a sustainable improvement of your company’s performance: A reduction in production costs and an improvement in productivity. We are focused on results - we prefer action over theorizing about issues.

One of the key obstacles to an effective production process is poor communication. Department A should know how her actions affect department B. Taurus Concepts creates platforms in which people communicate effectively, resulting in high-quality outcomes.

Another crucial factor in improving productivity is employee commitment. Commitment leads to support and support leads to proactive behavior. When staff is carefully coached, a proactive attitude results in a problem-solving mentality and corresponding behavior.

Taurus Concepts’ bottom-up approach creates the necessary commitment and facilitates proactive behavior.

We are focused and on target; like a Taurus.

The Basics

productive time

Root causes of excessive pacing & unproductive time:

  • The processes are not streamlined and thereby ineffective.
  • There is no or only a poor planning with no overview of the tasks and activities
  • Management is planning or managing on the wrong data
  • Lack of communication between work floor and supervisory level.
    There is no constructive platform to interact or to engage issues.


goals reports
  • Based on Lean/ Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints.
  • Focus on Behavioral change for maximum ownership.
  • Involvement on every level.  From work floor level till CEO level


process process (2)
  • Two weeks of free assessments gives the amount of time / capacity wasted in the company
  • Eight weeks to identify the EXACT reason of the  amount of waste. In pocket savings after the 6th week.
  • Six weeks to generate the solutions
  • Twenty weeks to implement and create ownership of new business methods
  • After the project:  Bi-monthly or quarterly, one week of assessment to secure the process of continuous improvements

  • Taurus Concepts is active in these sectors:
    • Manufacturing
    • Health care
    • Financial services
    • Retail
    • Food & beverage
    • Mining
  • Obstacles to improvements are:
    • Labor pool issues (poor quality of employees, staff shortage or surplus)
    • Low morale
    • High staff turnover
    • Ineffective internal communication
    • Complex legislation and regulation
  • Misalignment of staff performance and bonus metrics with corporate goals/objectives results in unfair compensation and lower productivity.
  • Senior management's inability to implement change results in lower productivity.
  • Managers, on average, spend only 11% of their time increasing productivity through active leadership.
  • Managers are buried under reports they don't use to manage.

    Only 60% of the reports are used to manage.
  • On average, managers spend 35% of their time on paper work.

    For these tasks, 25% of a manager's time is preferred.
  • Most managers believe they can increase productivity 13.8%.

    However, the actual average increase tends to be 9.8%.
  • The biggest challenge a company can face is that of a culture change.
  • On average, 70% of companies is willing to improve productivity.
  • These 4 factors are pivotal in achieving organization-wide improvements in processes and controls:
    • Management
    • Workforce
    • Communications
    • Training
  • Cost reductions can be seized through:
    • Business process streamlining
    • Effective management control systems
    • Extensive training
  • The Taurus Concepts approach results in:
    • Increased productivity
    • Proactive staff behavior
    • Strong competitive positioning
    • Involvement of company's employees
  • Supervisory competence is a key factor in improving productivity.
  • On average, managers receive only 6 days of training per year.
  • These 3 factors need to be in place to achieve organizational effectiveness & quality, and minimize waste:
    • Effective supervision
    • Workforce comprehension and support of processes
    • Transparent communication
  • During the past few years, workforce productivity has dropped to an average of 2 productive/3 unproductive days per week.

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