With our expertise and your company's in-depth knowledge, Taurus Concepts builds a sustainable and improvement-driven organization. Trained and committed employees with a responsible attitude will contribute to improvement.

We build structural platforms for the redesign and streamlining of your business process in which effective communication takes place. These processes will be facilitated by a transparent Management Control System.

Our Guarantees

project roi
  1. In general Efficiency projects are only executed on a management level. We act and build relations on EVERY level.
  2. Ownership of new methodology throughout the whole company. We only leave when ownership on EVERY level is fact!
  3. Most efficiency projects are an one time gain with short results. Continuous improvement are not met. Due to our extensive after project services/ audit we secure the ownership of the new methodology and do secure continuous improvement.

Bottom line

investment vs improvement
  1. 15%-25% reduction in operating costs by improving business processes and updating the management control system
  2. 70% ROI during the project ( 36 weeks)
  3. 250% ROI after one year of the completion of the project
  4. Up front commitment when which savings will be met (on a weekly basis)
  5. If savings or guarantees are not met, Taurus Concepts stays at its own expense until the guarantees are met
  6. Fixed price; no writing hours mentality.
  • Taurus Concepts is active in these sectors:
    • Manufacturing
    • Health care
    • Financial services
    • Retail
    • Food & beverage
    • Mining
  • Obstacles to improvements are:
    • Labor pool issues (poor quality of employees, staff shortage or surplus)
    • Low morale
    • High staff turnover
    • Ineffective internal communication
    • Complex legislation and regulation
  • Misalignment of staff performance and bonus metrics with corporate goals/objectives results in unfair compensation and lower productivity.
  • Senior management's inability to implement change results in lower productivity.
  • Managers, on average, spend only 11% of their time increasing productivity through active leadership.
  • Managers are buried under reports they don't use to manage.

    Only 60% of the reports are used to manage.
  • On average, managers spend 35% of their time on paper work.

    For these tasks, 25% of a manager's time is preferred.
  • Most managers believe they can increase productivity 13.8%.

    However, the actual average increase tends to be 9.8%.
  • The biggest challenge a company can face is that of a culture change.
  • On average, 70% of companies is willing to improve productivity.
  • These 4 factors are pivotal in achieving organization-wide improvements in processes and controls:
    • Management
    • Workforce
    • Communications
    • Training
  • Cost reductions can be seized through:
    • Business process streamlining
    • Effective management control systems
    • Extensive training
  • The Taurus Concepts approach results in:
    • Increased productivity
    • Proactive staff behavior
    • Strong competitive positioning
    • Involvement of company's employees
  • Supervisory competence is a key factor in improving productivity.
  • On average, managers receive only 6 days of training per year.
  • These 3 factors need to be in place to achieve organizational effectiveness & quality, and minimize waste:
    • Effective supervision
    • Workforce comprehension and support of processes
    • Transparent communication
  • During the past few years, workforce productivity has dropped to an average of 2 productive/3 unproductive days per week.

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