We see an opportunity to deliver real, practical results in a technical and tactical way. Not only do we update and streamline your business processes, we also increase commitment, reduce communication lines, and institute business development practices that are transparent and responsible. And we leave only when the job we promised to do, is done.

This is backed up by the clients we worked for and the people that are committed to our company.

Selected projects we have worked on

  • Multiple insurance companies
  • A chain of car repair shops
  • A multi-million dollar cleaning company
  • One of the largest airplane/defense manufacturers
  • A kitchen manufacturer
  • One of the largest postal and package distributors
  • One of Europe’s largest hearing device retailers
  • One of Europe’s largest shrimp wrapping companies
  • Hospitals throughout France, the UK & the Netherlands
  • One of Europe’s largest sports clothes retailers

*Due to confidential nature of our projects, names & references are available only upon request.

The management team.


Michael McGrath, Associate Partner

  • Commercially focused business consultant with extensive senior management
    and change management experience.
  • Over 20 years experience domestically and internationally, delivering business
    improvements within a broad range of organisations including; mining; retail;
    food processing; public sector and manufacturing businesses; hospitals and
    financial service organisations.

Mike Forrester, Senior Vice President Operations Healthcare

  • Experienced management consultant specializing in project management of
    behavioral change programs.
  • Responsible for the execution of Health Care projects and internal training.

John Harney, Head of Operations

  • Experienced operational management consultant, change management and
    productivity. With an expertise in effective implementations.
  • Focus is always on identifying opportunities to improve company and
    management performance, reducing cost, increasing output and sales.

Frederic Faes, Senior Vice President Analysis and Solution Design

  • Project lead for over 130 top/bottom-line growth and/or turnaround initiatives
    with estimated improvement results exceeding more than a billion dollars.
  • Responsible for analysis and solutions design.


Lou Roberts,  Director of Operations.

  • A leader in the field of organizational and employee performance improvement
    for over 25 years. Has helped 30 of the Fortune 50 clients execute on their
    business objectives through business process improvement and corporate
    learning initiatives. 
  • Wide range of skills including business process redesign, change management,
    instructional design, and knowledge management. 

Brian Cook,  Senior Advisor Private Equity

  • Accomplished track record with more than 25 years in finance and investments
    engineering. Former senior management team member of one of the world's
    largest financial investment firms. 
  • Responsible for business development and operational oversight in the Private
    Equity sector.

Robert J Meulmeester,  Business Development Executive

  • Multilingual international management consulting executive with over 13 years
    of advisory experience in various industries throughout Asia, the Americas,
    Europe and Africa
  • Responsible for overall management and business development.

The Netherlands

Folkert Wieringa, Co-Founder

  • Inspired to streamline business processes while working for a large American
    bank overseas which had to deal with 20 countries and 9 different languages.
    Experienced firsthand how productivity was lost due to inefficient processes
    and the shortcomings of current approaches to business process engineering.
  • Has lead a variety of projects to streamline business processes, reduce waste
    and save millions of dollars in diverse industries including global multinationals
    and local companies.

Maarten Kraaipoel, Co-Founder

  • More than 8 years experience streamlining business processes and responsible
    for saving millions of dollars for a variety of industries from oil to shipping, from
    Italy, to the Netherlands to Kazakhstan.



  • Taurus Concepts is active in these sectors:
    • Manufacturing
    • Health care
    • Financial services
    • Retail
    • Food & beverage
    • Mining
  • Obstacles to improvements are:
    • Labor pool issues (poor quality of employees, staff shortage or surplus)
    • Low morale
    • High staff turnover
    • Ineffective internal communication
    • Complex legislation and regulation
  • Misalignment of staff performance and bonus metrics with corporate goals/objectives results in unfair compensation and lower productivity.
  • Senior management's inability to implement change results in lower productivity.
  • Managers, on average, spend only 11% of their time increasing productivity through active leadership.
  • Managers are buried under reports they don't use to manage.

    Only 60% of the reports are used to manage.
  • On average, managers spend 35% of their time on paper work.

    For these tasks, 25% of a manager's time is preferred.
  • Most managers believe they can increase productivity 13.8%.

    However, the actual average increase tends to be 9.8%.
  • The biggest challenge a company can face is that of a culture change.
  • On average, 70% of companies is willing to improve productivity.
  • These 4 factors are pivotal in achieving organization-wide improvements in processes and controls:
    • Management
    • Workforce
    • Communications
    • Training
  • Cost reductions can be seized through:
    • Business process streamlining
    • Effective management control systems
    • Extensive training
  • The Taurus Concepts approach results in:
    • Increased productivity
    • Proactive staff behavior
    • Strong competitive positioning
    • Involvement of company's employees
  • Supervisory competence is a key factor in improving productivity.
  • On average, managers receive only 6 days of training per year.
  • These 3 factors need to be in place to achieve organizational effectiveness & quality, and minimize waste:
    • Effective supervision
    • Workforce comprehension and support of processes
    • Transparent communication
  • During the past few years, workforce productivity has dropped to an average of 2 productive/3 unproductive days per week.

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